LaunchPoint CEO’s entrepreneurial journey featured

LaunchPoint CEO Terrence Ryan was featured in the One Million by One Million blog, which highlights entrepreneur journeys and was listed among Forbes’ Top 100 Blogs for Entrepreneurs.

He was interviewed by author Sramana Mitra, who explored his entrepreneurial expertise and the nuance of strategy and process of company building, including bootstrapping, financing, positioning, customer acquisition, channels and team building.


Sramana Mitra: Can you talk about the process that you have used to determine where to focus this company? Obviously, you came into this with a lot of experience, which is why you’re talking about $10 million dollar seed round from angels. It’s very unnatural, right? Most people don’t raise seed round of that scale. Can you talk about the process of how you look at the market and zero in on an opportunity?

Terrence Ryan: It’s not an easy process. It’s quite complex. I’ve already talked about how I look at waves in the technology space. That’s one of the selection process. For example, I didn’t choose mobile. I chose cloud architectures and software within the cloud. Probably the more difficult one at the tail end was to choose healthcare over some other industry. I studied transportation, education, and financial services. There’s a lot of factors in the marketplace that you can’t control. They are the factors of the marketplaces or the sub-marketplaces themselves. You want to give yourself some time to look at those marketplaces but not so much time that you aren’t making progress.

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LaunchPointLaunchPoint CEO’s entrepreneurial journey featured