TDWI Forum, Chicago: Cool BI–Leading-Edge Solutions For Business Intelligence

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Title:  Business Intelligence – The Next Big Thing (Really!)

Tuesday, May 8, 8:00-9:00 a.m.

Speaker: John Bair, CTO, Ajilitee

Advances in technology are leading us to rethink our whole approach to BI – what data we can manage, how we manage it, and ways to use the resulting information. In this session we will explore three of the most important trends in BI: big data, advanced analytics, and cloud computing technologies – and the implications to your BI and information management programs.

You don’t have to be an e-commerce company with petabytes of data to take advantage of these technologies. If your business or IT organization, like most, perceives that your data keeps growing, that your legacy BI platforms struggle to keep up, or that the lack of information is a business disadvantage, then big data, analytics, and cloud should be on your radar, regardless of the maturity of your BI programs. Although widely hyped, advanced analytics, big data and cloud computing are nonetheless emerging as tools to enable new applications, with lower barriers to use. As a result, these technologies are driving a renewed visibility of BI in the minds of business leaders. This session will share lessons learned by early adopters. It will discuss applications, architecture alternatives, key challenges encountered, and the resulting implications for BI strategies and programs aimed at transforming businesses of all sizes.

You Will Learn

  • Why big data, advanced analytics and cloud computing technologies matter
  • Architectures for building new business analytic services
  • Strategies for moving from passive to active analytics
  • Approaches for helping your business stakeholders lead with BI

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LaunchPointTDWI Forum, Chicago: Cool BI–Leading-Edge Solutions For Business Intelligence

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