Groupon Ups Deals, Adds B2B Offers

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By Laurie Sullivan.

The IT consulting firm Ajilitee, which specializes in analytics and cloud computing, launched a Groupon daily deal for consulting services. It proved so successful that Groupon plans to put additional resources behind a series of offerings for business-to-business services through Groupon Stores, which launched in December, says Julie Mossler, Groupon spokesperson.

The store lets businesses create and launch their own deals whenever they want.

“We’ll look at your buying history, sex and zip code, and based on that, we’ll try to connect you with the most interesting deal,” Mossler says. “If we see you bought a lot of tech Groupons or things in the computer space, we may send you something IT-related, or we may send it to our merchants. We’re trying to connect you with the correct audience.”

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