LaunchPoint Swellness program jump starts marathon achievements for CTO

The American Heart Association recognized LaunchPoint for the third consecutive year with the Gold-Level Fit-Friendly Worksite Award. As a business serving the healthcare community, we make good health a priority for our employees and our Swellness programs reflect this commitment. LaunchPoint’s CTO John Bair recently completed the Boston Marathon and acknowledged the Swellness program helped get him started.

John Bair - marathon manPersistence, dedication, determination – all traits of a successful entrepreneur …and a marathon runner. LaunchPoint’s Chief Technology Officer John Bair, is both, having just completed his fourth marathon in three years by finishing the 2016 Boston Marathon. John credits the LaunchPoint Swellness program with giving him the push he needed to get started. A self-proclaimed “computer geek” who wasn’t “athletic or fit” for much of his life, John recalls when LaunchPoint gave pedometers to all its employees in 2013.

“I remember the first Walking Wednesday, when I, along with fellow employees, started counting my steps. From there, I realized if I can walk, I can run!” He sticks to the Walking Wednesday schedule even when he’s not in the office, feeling the camaraderie of his co-workers who are also discovering the joy of a good walk for the first time or who are regular athletes who feel more productive after the fresh air.

After John ran his first 5K, he began building his mileage and commitment to running. Drawing upon his father’s inspiration as a runner (he finished the Boston Marathon in his 50s), John focused on his training, gradually adding a 10K and finally, his first marathon in Phoenix in 2014.  A special milestone was running a 5K race with his dad last year, who placed first in his age group (80 and over).

“Running has given me so much – increased longevity and health as well as a new outlook on life. It also allowed me to connect with my dad through a shared interest. I’m so grateful to LaunchPoint for giving me the incentive to get started.”

When John reflects back on the training and miles spent on the road, he has learned a few life lessons that are applicable off the road too:

  • No matter how hard you think it’s going to be, it’s harder than you thought
  • There’s always a point where you question why you are doing this in the first place
  • It gets so much easier when there are a lot of people cheering you on
  • It’s a really great feeling to finish something that you weren’t sure you could do when you started
  • You forget the pain pretty quickly – I’m already thinking about what I could do better next time!

John is hopeful he can inspire others to find something active they like. “For me running is the activity that motivates me and I’m noticing improvements in other aspects of my life too. I have a sharper short-term memory and my mental acuity is stronger. I’m committed to a healthy and happy lifestyle and I attribute this to running.” In addition, John has lost weight and is in better shape than he was before he started tracking his steps three years ago.

And John has no plans to slow down. His path to the starting line of the Boston Marathon literally started at LaunchPoint’s front door.




Rey VillarLaunchPoint Swellness program jump starts marathon achievements for CTO