Data Governance Winter Conference 2013: The Data Steward Career Path

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November 18-20, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Tina McCoppin will be presenting:  “It’s Time. The Data Stewardship Career Path” on Tuesday, November 19, 10:30–11:20 a.m.

Data Governance is now an established discipline throughout the public and private sector. Look around at the attendees of the DGIQ conferences and you will see representatives from all types of industries (healthcare, telecommunications, insurance, financial & banking, technology companies, etc.); in the public sector (State programs, Federal departments and offices); in educational institutions and non-profit organizations (universities, churches, charities).

This session makes the argument that it is time to recognize the “Data Steward Career” – and work to institutionalize it within these organizations and companies. Human Resources and senior management should have the role clearly articulated in the organization’s list of jobs, as well as a designated pay scale and career path.

We’ll discuss an organization that formalized the role as a full-time position, one in which the role served as a path to the Management Track. Using that organization as a template, this session will discuss the following:

  • Career Levels (Data Steward, Master Data Steward, Chief Data Officer)
  • Roles and responsibilities of each
  • Demonstration of skills and traits such as
    • Manage projects, delivering on time and within budget
    • Manage and motivate others
    • Work with individuals across all levels of the enterprise – from operational staff to mid-level managers to senior and C-level management
    • Exhibit presentation, communication and persuasion skills
    • Demonstrate data analysis, data security, data profiling expertise

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Rey VillarData Governance Winter Conference 2013: The Data Steward Career Path
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IAIDQ Webinar: Establish a Data Governance Council for Better, Faster Decision-Making

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Date: Wed 28, August 2013

Time: 9am-10am US PDT / 12n-1pm US EDT / 5pm-6pm UK/Ireland

Speaker:  Tina McCoppin, Partner, Ajilitee

Data Governance programs often fall short of expectations when they become tactical data quality initiatives that address accuracy and consistency in silos, lacking an effective governing body to manage data ownership, lineage and accountability.
Establishing a Data Governance Council was the key to transforming one insurance provider’s data governance program into real business value.  It’s Data Governance Council allowed it to tackle inaccurate, inconsistent and incomplete data holistically by managing it with priorities and standards, tools and technologies, and clearly defined executive, steward and stakeholder roles.
In this session, attendees will learn the following:

  • The importance of an enterprise Data Governance program and Data Governance Council to IM strategy and success
  • How to create and operate a Data Governance Council
  • How to measure the business impact of a Data Governance Council
  • How to garner internal support for an Enterprise Data Governance program

To register for this free event, please visit:

Rey VillarIAIDQ Webinar: Establish a Data Governance Council for Better, Faster Decision-Making
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2013 Blues IM Symposium

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Ajilitee is a Gold Sponsor of the 2013 Blues IM Symposium, to be held September 22-25 in Little Rock, AR.

The Information Management (IM) Symposium is an annual event started in 2000, presented and hosted by various Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan Information Professionals. The purpose is to provide Plan business and technical representatives an opportunity to network and exchange best practices and innovations in the field of information management, information architecture, data warehousing, business intelligence, informatics and analytics with the end result of delivering actionable business value to the Plans through the power of information assets. The IM Symposiums consistently draw a high level of attendees due to continued member input and overwhelming interest.

Visit the conference website>>

Rey Villar2013 Blues IM Symposium
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National Other Party Liability Group (NOPLG) 2012

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May 1- May 4, 2012, San Antonio, Texas

Presentation: Exploring the Business Case for Health Plan-directed Dependent Eligibility Audits

Speaker: Paul Vosters, President & COO, Discovery Health Partners

Thursday, May 3, 1:15-2:30 p.m.

Rising health insurance premiums. Higher divorce rates. Blended families.  What do they share in common?  All are reasons why more health plan clients are verifying who among their employees and dependents are rightful benefits holders.

In recent years, dependent eligibility audits have shot up in prevalence in an attempt to control the rising expense of health insurance. Now there’s a new wrinkle in the mix: the Affordable Care Act, passed in 2010, which requires group health plans to continue making coverage available for children until the age of 26 regardless of marital status.

With additional dependents now eligible for coverage, the business case for dependent eligibility verification is stronger than ever. On average, employers find at least 3% to 6% of their covered dependents are ineligible for health benefits – a financial burden that can be quickly and significantly reduced with periodic dependent eligibility verification.

An unrealized opportunity exists for health plans to offer dependent eligibility services to their ASO and fully insured clients in an effort to control premiums and deliver greater customer value. This session explores the business case for health plan-directed dependent eligibility verification as a part of a customer-centric and holistic healthcare cost containment strategy.  What roadblocks should health plans expect by developing this new service?  What ROI and other benefits can be derived?  Learn about the rewards that dependent eligibility can offer health plans and their customers and ways to navigate potential obstacles.

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View Paul’s presentation>>

LaunchPointNational Other Party Liability Group (NOPLG) 2012
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TDWI Forum, Chicago: Cool BI–Leading-Edge Solutions For Business Intelligence

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Title:  Business Intelligence – The Next Big Thing (Really!)

Tuesday, May 8, 8:00-9:00 a.m.

Speaker: John Bair, CTO, Ajilitee

Advances in technology are leading us to rethink our whole approach to BI – what data we can manage, how we manage it, and ways to use the resulting information. In this session we will explore three of the most important trends in BI: big data, advanced analytics, and cloud computing technologies – and the implications to your BI and information management programs.

You don’t have to be an e-commerce company with petabytes of data to take advantage of these technologies. If your business or IT organization, like most, perceives that your data keeps growing, that your legacy BI platforms struggle to keep up, or that the lack of information is a business disadvantage, then big data, analytics, and cloud should be on your radar, regardless of the maturity of your BI programs. Although widely hyped, advanced analytics, big data and cloud computing are nonetheless emerging as tools to enable new applications, with lower barriers to use. As a result, these technologies are driving a renewed visibility of BI in the minds of business leaders. This session will share lessons learned by early adopters. It will discuss applications, architecture alternatives, key challenges encountered, and the resulting implications for BI strategies and programs aimed at transforming businesses of all sizes.

You Will Learn

  • Why big data, advanced analytics and cloud computing technologies matter
  • Architectures for building new business analytic services
  • Strategies for moving from passive to active analytics
  • Approaches for helping your business stakeholders lead with BI

Visit the conference website>>

LaunchPointTDWI Forum, Chicago: Cool BI–Leading-Edge Solutions For Business Intelligence
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Data Governance & Information Quality Conference (DGIQ) 2012

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Title: Become a Power Data Steward:  Trim the fat and balance tasks to operate with greater power and efficiency

Speaker: Tina McCoppin, Partner, Ajilitee

June 25-28, San Diego, California

Data Stewards have it tough. Pulled in multiple directions, they often juggle too much and fall prey to scattered responsibilities without generating lasting, impactful results.  Similar to being on a yo-yo diet, Data Stewards often find themselves either going strong or losing steam.

To strike the right balance of effort for sustained results, we recommend a Data Steward Health Plan that blends both cardio and weight training for data stewards to go the distance in their role.  In other words, Data Stewards should blend a focus on standards and conformity, metadata, enterprise glossaries and data dictionaries (“cardio”) with strength training to develop the skeletal muscles of your organization in such areas as enterprise data integration (EDI), data quality (DQ), and master data management (MDM).

This pump-it-up session will pinpoint activities that really count for Data Stewards. The Data Steward Health Plan is designed to trim the time wasters (or “fat”) and build cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength for optimal efficiency and results. We also will cover the latest specialized equipment (tools and frameworks) needed to target specific muscle groups and types of (data) movement to support your Power Data Steward training.

This session will detail:

  • Primary/secondary responsibilities of a Data Steward
  • How and where to “trim the fat”
  • The Data Steward Health Plan: a week-by-week, month-by-month program to shed the weight and power through your job
  • Practical tips for time management
  • Must have tools for transparency and visibility
  • Real-world examples

Visit the conference website>>

LaunchPointData Governance & Information Quality Conference (DGIQ) 2012
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2011 Winter Data Governance Conference

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Come watch Ajilitee and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey present on “Establish a Data Governance Council for Better, Faster Decision-Making” on Thursday, November 17  at 2:10 pm at the Winter Data Governance Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, November 16-18, 2011.

Learn how Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey measurably reduced the complexity and expense of numerous business processes and IT projects by establishing a Data Governance Council – the key to transforming Horizon’s data governanceprogram into real business value.


  • Tina McCoppin, Partner, Ajilitee
  • Balaji Krishnamoorthy, Director Data and Information Architecture, Horizon BCBS New Jersey

Visit the conference website>>

LaunchPoint2011 Winter Data Governance Conference
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2011 Blues IM Symposium

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Ajilitee is a Platinum Sponsor at the IM Symposium, September 25-28, Dallas TX.

Breakout Session: “Driving Immediate Value from a Phased MDM Program”


  • Balaji Krishnamoorthy, Director, Data and Information Architecture at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
  • John Bair, CTO, Ajilitee

Breakfast Seminar: “Establish a Data Governance Council for Better, Faster Decision-Making”


  • Balaji Krishnamoorthy, Director, Data and Information Architecture at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
  • Tina McCoppin, Partner, Ajilitee

For more information, visit the conference website>>

LaunchPoint2011 Blues IM Symposium
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Western Claim Conference

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September 18-20, 2011
Indian Wells, CA.

Come watch our presentation on “The Benefits of Transparency in Subrogation:  How Information Intelligence Drives Greater Visibility, Recoveries and Compliance”

Speaker:  Paul Vosters, President and COO of Discovery Health Partners

Attendees of this session will be able to gain insight on the most current picture of health reform and its implications on subrogation; better assess the transparency of subrogation programs conducted in-house or by vendors; and link visibility with improved financial and business planning and compliance efforts.

Visit the conference website>>.

View Paul’s presentation>>.

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