DG and MDM: Two sides of the coin

By Dambaru Jena My last blog detailed measuring DG program success using Data Governance Metrics. This blog addresses that timeless chicken and egg question – which comes first – MDM or data governance?  Let’s also explore some of the difficulties …

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Business Intelligence: It’s Not About the Data

By Jim Van de Water Every organization is absolutely drowning in data. Yours is no exception. We casually talk about data in numbers humbling to astronomers. Data-driven decision making appears to have won the battle over intuition. Moore was right …

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Projects Don’t Wait (for your IT solution)

By Jim Van de Water Every organization I’ve had the pleasure of working with in 14 years of consulting has had a huge number of non-productionized, business critical applications. The importance of these tools is undeniable – and their reach …

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Biggest Payer Pains

By Gregory Lampshire Last week, I posted a few key trends and opportunities shaping the Payer industry in “What’s Hot in Payer Today.”  But what are some of the complex situations that can shrink the gap between profits and costs …

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What’s Hot in Payer Today

By Gregory Lampshire Anyone in healthcare knows that Payers are juggling a daunting list of challenges, opportunities and priorities. Working with a number of Payer clients allows us to support their information worlds as business priorities evolve.  Let’s take stock …

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Tableau and Visualization

By Gregory Lampshire Recently for a client, we hooked up Tableau to their financial dataset. We had used Tableau before with other data analysis tasks so we thought it was appropriate for this task. The dataset was mostly orders, fee …

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