Best Practices in Financial Management for Medicare Plans Conference

Dates: February 19-20, 2014

Location: The Ritz-Carlton Phoenix Hotel, Phoenix, AZ

The Discovery Health Partners team will be attending the Best Practices in Financial Management for Medicare Plans conference next week, in Phoenix, Arizona. If you’ll be attending the conference or will be in the area, please don’t hesitate to drop by and speak with one of our team members.

The conference is hosted by Healthcare Education Associates and will cover important Medicare-related topics, including the following:

  • Best practices for estimating claim costs and understanding payment patterns
  • Optimizing medical cost drivers
  • Managing medical loss ratios
  • Understanding risk scores and Star ratings and their impact on MA revenue
  • Methods for accurately predicting mid-year and final-year payment adjustments
  • Using predictive modeling and analysis to lower costs
  • Lessons learned for the MA bidding process
  • Understanding RADV audit methodology and mitigating RADV audit risk
  • Understanding CMS payments and fees reflected in your monthly report
  • The financial impacts of accelerated plan growth and attrition
  • Utilizing data and technology to reduce costs, improve quality and optimize the clinical outcomes process




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